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11,60 $ - 12,85 $
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Min. Order: 1000 шт.
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4.3 /5
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The response time was impressively quick.They offered personalized service,the staff was extremely courteous.They accommeodated my last-minute change.
    Boxes are all ripped when they arrive. 90% of the beach chairs are scratched. Half of them are bent and dented. Many of the hand rails were cracked. Some of the bolts were loose or came off. The cause of all the damages is that the boxes are very flimsy and not strong enough for shipping from China to Florida. I couldn't speak to anyone due the everyone was off for the holidays. I spoke to my rep, Helen, who took my order finally after the long holidays. She was trying to help me and spoke to the team leader. According to her, the team leader said that the products were all nice when they left the plant. They should not be held accountable. The boxes they used are not strong enough. They used these type of boxes for every customer, and they never encountered any complaints. Had they used stronger boxes, none of these damages would have happened to my products. I can also say that none of my suppliers on Alibaba has ever used this kind of boxes to ship such heavy objects.

    Ответ от поставщика:

    What we did with the customer was EXW. We provided clear photos before delivery. The whole process was transported by the customer's agent, and the transportation time was as long as 2 months. Our packing method is the same for other customers, and has not changed, and there has never been such a serious damage. We also actively communicate with the customer, according to the customer's requirements, free upgrade of the packaging carton.
    12 Mar 2024
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